Personalising AMR for your business

Now you have an understanding of AMR and the four big questions of business growth, consider how you can personalise this for your business by answering the questions on the downloadable worksheet

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With this helpful questionnaire, you can clarify where there is room for improvements to transform your business growth.
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Personalising AMR for your business

Strategically, the primary purpose of a business is to Acquire, Maximise, and Retain the right customers. Everything that contributes to this is an investment; anything which doesn't is a cost!

Without customers, businesses don't exist. That's a simple fact that no business owner can dispute. The challenge is that most business owners, business leaders, and entrepreneurs over-engineer their business growth model, making it more complex than it needs to be. They introduce layers of management that stifle and delay decision-making. They create unnecessary systems, processes, and procedures that dilute the focus of their people from doing what they do best.

You will need to ask yourself some critical questions and give candid answers. This will give you a template to make changes to optimise your potential.

QUESTION 1: How do you increase the number of customers?
QUESTION 2: How do you increase the average order value?
QUESTION 3: How do you increase the average order frequency?
QUESTION 4:How do you increase the retention of customers? 
QUESTION 5: Which activities are an investment, and which are a cost?
QUESTION 6: What's the lifetime value of a customer to your business?
QUESTION 7: What's the acceptable acquisition cost of a customer?
QUESTION 8: What's the cost to serve?
QUESTION 9: What's your profitability by customer, taking into account acquisition, cost to serve, product mix and lifetime value? 
QUESTION 10: What different strategies do you have in place for acquiring, maximising and retaining customers?
QUESTION 11: Are they grouped together into your overall business growth strategy?

take action; achieve more
  • Download the document and answer the question. Think about the answers, as these will give you the tools you need to grow
  • AMR is a tried and tested formula that has bought success to numerous businesses, don't miss this opportunity to grow your business with this formula
  • Speak to your people; it's so important to communicate the process that will benefit every member of the team
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