Implementing Focused Five in your business

In this training video, Danny Gray provides a powerful tool that you and your team can implement in your day or week. It provides a simple method of tracking performance in your business

Stephanie Moore
Focused Five is a powerful tool that will enable you and your team to progress and improve performance. Danny presents this simple but effective method of increasing productivity. After you have watched it, download the template and encourage all team members to use it. It's also an excellent tool for personal development.
Viewing time: 8 minutes; 10 seconds
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Implementing Focused Five as a feedback tool 

Focused Five is a tool that is extremely effective in many areas of your business. In this instance, we are going to use it as a means of either providing feedback or gathering input on ourselves.
There's a great saying: 'Feedback is the food of champions.' A completed Focused Five can be a great representation of an individual's performance and/or behaviour.
Focused Five
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The Focused Five template consists of five rows by five columns. The boxes are deliberately small to ensure any information is concise. Always start in the middle column - this is the core. The areas in which should be 'maintained' provide an excellent opportunity to reflect on what is working a present. That way, there is no risk of losing the things that are working well throughout the process.
  • Then move to 'minimise' - this is where things that need to be reduced are captured; typically areas that stopping completely would be too severe.
  • Next, 'more' - this is where building on existing success comes in, it is likely that these would be extensions of the continue column.
  • Now move onto 'stop' - quite simply this is the areas that must completely cease. If that's not possible, then consider putting them in the minimise column.
  • Finally, 'start' - what needs to happen that is not currently happening.   

It is important to remember that you don't have to complete every box. Some areas will likely have more in them than others.
Focused Five – giving feedback 
A leader or colleague can use the template to provide feedback to someone. For example, you might complete the template and then sit down with the individual and take them through it step-by-step. This provides a platform to create an absolute focus for the individual by drawing attention straight to the heart of the areas of success and required change or development.
Focused Five – receiving feedback 
Anyone in the business can use the Focused Five template to receive feedback on their performance, behaviours or anything else for that matter.
Distribute the form to the people you wish to solicit feedback from and ensure you are specific. For example: 
  • I would like to receive some feedback on how I conduct myself in meetings
  • I would like to receive some feedback on how I portray myself in the workplace
  • I would like to receive some feedback on how I managed the 'XYZ' project
Do remember, if you are seeking feedback, it may not always contain what you had hoped. Do not destroy the feedback culture you are starting by having the wrong behaviour towards the people who have been candid enough with you!
take action: achieve more 
  • Start the process of creating a feedback culture within your business using the Focused Five template
  • Be receptive to feedback yourself, and ask people to complete a Focused Five for you
  • Implement a consistent approach to gathering input about your business
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