Downloadable high-performing week toolkit

Download our high-performing week toolkit and set yourself up for success

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This powerful toolkit will enable you to determine what a high-performing week should look like and ways to stick with the schedule.
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Downloadable high-performing week toolkit

In your pursuit of excellence and your vision of building a high-performing organisation, you must be tireless about positive reinforcement, articulation and alignment of everything the organisation does daily. These small steps daily make into giant leaps towards your North Star.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have. So spend it wisely.

Focus on the things that only you can do, the areas genuinely worthy of your time.
  • Master the skill of saying NO to unimportant things so you can say YES to the essential things.
  • Create more time to work ON the business, not just being busy working IN the business.
  • Book quality thinking time in your diary; knowing the time you spend thinking will be more effective.
Remember, you make your choices in life, and then your choices make you.

To help you allocate your time better, download or print the toolkit. It includes three templates;
1. Assess how much time is spent against each time category 
This tool will highlight where your time is being spent and how much of it is being utilised to its full potential. Understanding this will allow you to determine where adjustments need to be made. So, for example, if you find you're spending more time on tasks and activities which quite clearly you shouldn't be, then now is the time to change because if you don't, nobody else will.

2. Mapping your high-performing week
Your high-performing week is a guide to time efficiency. Knowing when you are most active and times you need to re-balance will allow you to construct a powerful formula for your week. Book time in your diary to preview and review your week and take time out to stand on the balcony of your life to reflect and how you are progressing towards your goals

3. Focused five action plan
This is a remarkable tool that will monitor your progress. It's so easy to lose focus, not just monthly or weekly, but daily. Here are five simple questions you can ask yourself to keep you on track. I call them the Focused Five;
What will I: 
  • stop doing? (Stop)
  • do less of? (Minimise)
  • keep doing? (Maintain)
  • do more of? (More)
  • start doing? (Start) 

Build-in quality 'downtime' where you decompress and close down the day so you can shut the door and tune into your personal life; family, hobbies, outside activities and be present and in the moment. Often our challenge is that we put little time into 'downtime', which means we carry the day into our evening, never entirely turning off and before we know it, it's morning again!

Your ability to focus on the things that make a difference can be the difference between you hitting your goals and being massively off track.
take action; achieve more
  • The Pathways team love these tools and use them daily. They play a massive part in our personal development, supporting the business. Something we all care about deeply
  • Invest in yourself to build a path to success. Everyone in your team deserves time and effort, and if they don't wish to participate, you have to ask if they are the right people for your business
  • Recognising your strengths and weaknesses is powerful for you and everyone around you. But, so is the best person doing the best for your business? Utilise the skills of your people by making every week a high-performing week!
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