Being a great leader of a great business

There is no place for mediocrity in today's business - being a great leader will drive growth

Royston Guest
One of the most powerful things you can do in your lifetime is to grow your leadership capability and skills.  Great leadership of a great business starts with you!
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Being a great leader of a great business

There is undoubtedly one differentiating factor in those businesses that are thriving versus those that are just surviving, and that is the breadth and depth of your leadership capabilities.

Today's business arena requires new leadership as businesses have to do more with less in this fast-paced environment, with increasing competition and demanding customers. You and your leaders must be more focused, agile, and resilient to give your business a competitive edge.

To become a great leader, you must develop your capability and arm yourself with the tools, skills and mindset to be the best you can be in maximising your potential to lead the business with purpose and unlock the potential in others.

Become a world-class leader and build your leadership capability on three levels.
  • I lead self – a great leader of self focuses on the inner game of leadership and can answer the critical question; why should you lead anyone?
  • I lead the business – a great business leader clearly understands the business dynamics, knows how to lead a business growth plan and can answer the question; where do we want to be in 5 years?
  • I lead others – a great people leader builds high-performing teams, gives inspirational and developmental feedback and can help others answer the question; why do you do what you do?

To become a world-class leader, you must first look in your mirror - I lead self
Great leaders recognise that their people will only ever be a reflection of themselves. Therefore, to be a leader of others must start with being a world-class leader of yourself. It is not an external journey but an inside job working on your mindset, habits, goals, and aspirations.

After I lead self comes, I lead the business. So yes, your focus will switch from tactical leadership to strategic as you lead the business through daily challenges, but ultimately you know your vision, purpose, and growth plan to bring it to fruition.

To lead the business, you'll have to lead others. You'll have to lead your people through good times and bad, through challenges and successes and an ongoing barrage of change. Together you'll work through the how and unlock their potential on the way.

Becoming a world-class leader and honing your leadership capability will not happen overnight. It will take focus and commitment and require consistency of thought and action.

Why being a great leader of others starts with being a great leader of yourself
Success in life usually comes down to 80% mindset and 20% strategy, but where do you think most leaders spend their time and energy developing their leadership capability?

In 20%, strategy focused on the WHAT and the HOW. Focusing on strategy is fundamentally important, but it shouldn't be the first thing on which to focus. Instead, focus on yourself and your mindset first.
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You'll take knocks; some days, you will feel like a train crash and go down blind alleys. But suppose you have an ultimate destination in your mind's eye, a focused goal and purpose coupled with drive, determination and motivation. Then, when you fall over, you'll pick yourself up, dust yourself off, improvise, adapt and refocus on your goals.

Sometimes we can get stuck in a pattern of thinking, a mindset which can be limiting or even de-railing. Following this same pattern closes our minds to the sense of possibilities around us, meaning we can miss positive and beneficial change without even realising it.

You do things for your reasons, and that includes wanting to change. It's personal to you, and when your motivation for change is unlocked, it will create a response. Remember, the catalyst for change is never a matter of ability; it's a matter of motivation.

In your pursuit of becoming a world-class leader comes personal mastery
Sometimes we slip into the trap of complacency, operating in a state of unconsciousness where it feels like we are just going through the motions. It's the day you move into a place known as the groove or the grave – no man's land. 

It's the day you accept your place in mediocrity, where just enough is good enough. It's the day when you lose your edge and stop being your best self.

Every day, you decide how much effort you will put in, a little, or what's expected or the extra mile. I promise you; few choose the last option. It's certainly not a crowded place. But it is often where the difference between good leaders and world-class leaders is made. It is the place of personal mastery.

take action; achieve more
  • There is no such thing as standing still in an increasingly competitive world. People are actively moving forward all around you, and standing still really means you're falling behind. Learning something new today should not be just a lesson from when you were a child; it should be a lifelong lesson
  • In a competitive market with a greater demand for businesses, people and resources, leaders play a critical and ever-increasing role in maximising the performance of their teams and, ultimately, the business. Your people silently beg to be led and look to you for direction, encouragement and inspiration. A great leader wins the hearts and minds of the people to deliver with passion and commitment, not because they have to, but because they want to
  • A great leader questions, listens, and remains silent to allow the individual time to think. They understand that it's not knowing when to be quiet that's important; it's knowing when to break the silence. This time, between the silence and the response, is where a world-class leader develops another world-class leader
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