Talking Pathways with Claire Boscq-Scott

Royston meets Claire Boscq-Scott, recently appointed CEO of the Jersey Hospitality Association and Founder of BizShui™, The Secret Weapon to thrive as well as author of Thrive to Hive.

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With three decades of experience in customer service, UK Top 20 CX Influencer, No.3 Customer Services Global Guru and CX Thought Leader 2021, it’s no wonder Claire is a leading authority in the customer experience Industry.
Viewing time: 27 minutes; 35 seconds

Talking Pathways with Claire Boscq-Scott
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In this episode, Claire shares three simple steps to enhance your workspace, productivity, balance and performance. It's time to look at your physical environment, personal state of being and customer experience.

  • 5.41 mins: Without customers, you have no business, and believe it or not, some business leaders forget that. 

  • 8.20 mins: Your working environment has a direct impact on you. A poor working environment impacts your well-being, both mentally and physically. 

  • 17.08 mins: How we think affects how we feel, which affects how we behave. It's all interlinked. 

  • 19.08 mins: Create a morning and evening routine. In the morning, visualise your day and what you want to achieve. In the evening, revisit your day and acknowledge three things for which you were grateful. Focus on the positive things that have happened, the things you have done, not the negative things or the things you haven't done. 

  • 25.00 mins: Change your energy on the inside will change your point on the outside. 

take action; achieve more
  • Lighting has been discovered to have the ability to significantly alter the work rate and productivity of workers. Apart from its physical effect on workers, there are also psychological effects that can affect the productivity of a worker. In an environment where a computer is used so often, it is essential to have a quality amount of light so as to relieve the effect of the brightness of the computer screen on the eyes of the workers.
  • Get rid of the clutter, know what’s on your desk. Clutter represents places where energy is stuck and can’t move forward. Try to move old projects along. If your projects get stuck, your career gets stuck. Clutter also affects productivity, as it makes it difficult to find documents and information.
  • Be kind to yourself, if you get something wrong, learn from it but don't beat yourself up. It's a waste of time and energy
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