Personal development is key to your success. Recommended reading list

Do you prioritise yourself?

Stephanie Moore
Every human being is gifted with huge and unique types of possibilities. It is only this that they remain buried under negativity, apathy and disinterest. Self-improvement development helps to unleash inner possibilities and fulfil your aspirations by building self-targets and encourages you to enhance your performance.
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Avid readers have much larger vocabularies than those who avoid the past-time. And the reading of good books provides models of good language and writing. Research shows that the language development, both oral and written, that is fostered from reading books, results in better learning all around.

Adults who have read a lot and who continue to read are able to grasp complex written material far easier, and they are better writers overall. These are career skills that are difficult to learn later in life.
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The mental and physical effects of stress are well documented. To relieve stress, we engage in a number of activities – physical exercise, meditation, and, yes, reading. Studies have shown that blood pressure is reduced during the act of reading.
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