Interactive sales map tool

Use this interactive sales map tool to work out what activity is required to progress through each stage of your sales journey

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Mapping out your sales with this helpful tool will help you grow your business. Use this as a template and develop your own.
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The interactive sales map tool

In sales, predictability is everything. Your ability to predict your sales results with a high degree of confidence is critical to keeping your entire business growth strategy on track. Culturally the one thing people dislike in sales is surprises. You see what happens to share prices when profit warnings are announced – they become highly volatile. The purpose of the Sales Map is to ensure no surprises are coming from your sales strategy. Instead, you deliver predictable, repeatable, sustainable results every time.

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  • The Pathways team have developed a sales map template for you to personalise for your business. Once you’ve downloaded the document can input your acquisition target, average order value, personalise the steps in your sales process, enter the conversion rates, and the tool will self populate 
  • When you set your satellite navigation device, what is the first piece of information you type in? The destination, of course. The endpoint. So you are immediately given all the information you need, including the time to the destination and the distance. It might even give you different route options in the route you can take: major roads only or direct as the crow flies, taking in every minor road on the journey
  • Your sales strategy is one of the most vibrant and exciting parts of your business. Certainty, predictability, and ‘no surprises’ are critical measures of success.  The direct correlation between sales and revenue means there are no places to hide. Numbers don’t lie; they paint a real-time picture of reality
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